The American Indian Resource Program (AIRP) in the Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP) at UC Irvine provides a flexible array of institutional support services for Tribal students, parents, and communities as they progress on their journeys through the various higher education systems of California, with a primary emphasis on accessing and navigating the University of California system. The mission of the AIRP at UCI is to assist American Indian and Indigenous stakeholders by pursuing, developing, coordinating, and initiating opportunities and experiences that assist Native American students in their assumption of leading professional roles in their selected disciplines. Beyond the ability to apply UCI credentials any where in the world, a critical aspect of student preparation is the retention of the ability of Indigenous individuals to contribute to the effective use and management of Tribal community resources in a manner deemed culturally appropriate by their affiliated Tribal entity.

Our goals include increasing the number of American Indian / Indigenous individuals that:

  • are academically prepared to enter UCI.
  • are academically prepared to transfer to UCI from a California community college.
  • are enrolled at UCI.
  • enjoy a well-rounded college experience at UCI, including the initiation of life-long relationships.
  • complete their academic requirements to graduate from UCI.
  • participate in alumni activities after graduation to enhance the collegiate experience of the next generation of UCI students.
  • encourage their Tribal communities to seek access to the UC system through the AIRP at UC Irvine.